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  • What if my dog can't sit/stay?
    This is definitely the question or statement I hear most when I talk to potential clients about having a dog photo shoot! It's understandable that you will be worried that your dog will never stay still for long enough to have nice pictures taken, however, they really only need to be in the right spot for a fraction of a second to capture a picture. I also have lot's of experience in managing dogs and carry a 'bag of tricks' with me to help us get the amazing pictures!
  • What if my dog is scared of the camera and equipment?
    We take each session really slowly and allow the dog time to get used to me and my camera and other equipment. People generally don't like a scary black box shoved in their face and asked to stay still so we can take pictures so I don't expect a dog to! I will take my time at the start of the session to allow the dog to have a good sniff around and I even do some 'clicker' training using the camera as a clicker to allow them to get used to it going off. If all else fails then I have a long lens which I can use to distance myself from the dog and allow them space to be themselves whilst I capture the images.
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    Not really! I have most things in my bag which we can use to help settle the dog (treats, leads, squeaky toys etc) But if your dog has treats that they really enjoy and respond well to then please bring them along to help the session run smoothly.
  • Where do the shoots take place and how long do they last?
    Before confimring your shoot day we will speak about locations that suit you and your dog. If you have booked a studio session I will meet you at my studio in Loughborough. If you have booked an environmental shoot we can meet at any local/public park or place of interest. If you have more of a city dog we can meet in the city!
  • My dog isn't good off the lead, can we still have a photo shoot?"
    Yes! If your dog is unpredicatable off the lead we will make sure they are on the lead at all times, especially if we are in a public area with other dogs. We can capture images by strategically holding the lead in a way that will make it easy to take out in photoshop after. If you have booked a studio session there are never other dogs there at the same time and we have a secure room so hopefully they will be ok off the lead once they have got used to their surroundings.
  • Do you charge for all the pictures after?
    Depending on what package you have booked there may be a fee for additional digital images after. But I definitely don't change a fortune for them! I have seen many photographers off a 'cheap' photo shoot and then charge unbelievable amounts for a single picture after the shoot. Generally the fully edited digital photos will be included in the packages but please look through the packages first to see what is included.
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